Organizational Structure & Manuals Consulting

Organizational Structure & Manuals Consulting is intended to assist various business entities with developing the required framework and systems to improve their performance through in-depth understanding of the business nature, conducting gap analysis and design solutions to address deficiencies identified.

Added value to business entities from OS & Manuals Consulting Services

  • Define roles and responsibilities of each organizational unit based on the licensed activities to ensure that roles will not overlap and avoid conflict of interest;
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements within the organizational systems;
  • Implement work tasks in accordance with approved policies, procedures and business processes to ensure that business objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently within shortest time and at highest available return;

Services provided by Baker Tilly

  1. Develop/ amend organizational structure;
  2. Develop/ amend job structure;
  3. Develop/ amend job descriptions;
  4. Develop/ amend organizational structure competence manual;
  5. Develop delegation of authority matrix;
  6. Develop various charters for board of directors, board committees and executive management; and
  7. Develop/ amend policies and procedures manuals for organizational units;

Other related services